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This is the Motherlode of Emails! You get 55 "ready to customize" email templates loaded into your Mad Mimi account! Along with an Email Template Guide that outlines: Best Email Practices, Title of each template for easy searching, How to fully utilize your audiences to get BIG open rates, and a suggested calendar for email campaigns.

These emails are the foundation of your Email Campaign and can be used over & over throughout each season!

VIP - 3

Date Announcement - 2

Consignor Push - 19

Ticket Push - 7

Seasonal Employment - 2

Sale Week - 19

Promotions - 2

Thank You - 1

$179 ​

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are prewritten emails set up to deliver on a schedule in your Mad Mimi account. ​ ​

Drips included 8 Emails to New Consignors

7 Emails to Returning Consignors

1 Email to New Subscribers

2 Emails to Mom-To-Be

New Clients $325

Returning Clients $225

*returning client rate applies to clients from previous season only

Owners are responsible for pre-loading required graphics, proofing each email before drip is activated, editing delivery dates while campaigns are running, and turning off drips at the end of event. ​

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Text Services

Custom campaign created to help you gain text club subscribers from announcement date through last sale date.

Includes Sign Up webform link to use in social media & emails In-Store Sign Up with QR code to capture phone numbers and emails (no more paper email lists) Ten custom text messages created and scheduled in text platform!

Shopper Only Messages $

Consignor & Shopper Messages $

Text Campaign Messages Template $29

Custom Text Campaign


Custom, branded stickers to use on Instagram

Branded Stickers- 60 RL branded stickers in a Dropbox file


Custom Branded Stickers - 60 RL branded stickers + 10 franchise branded stickers in a Dropbox file


Instagram Stickers

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