Social Media Services

Ad Selection:

• Brand Awareness/Save the Date


• This Week Only/Shoppers

• Half Price

• Tickets

• Consignor


• Spanish Half Price

Standard Ads:

3 Ads - $395

4 Ads - $490

5 Ads – $575

6 Ads - $645

7 Ads - $715

8 Ads - $800

Premium Ads:

3 Ads - $495

4 Ads - $595

5 Ads – $695

6 Ads - $755

7 Ads - $860

8 Ads - $960

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Blueprint V3.0

This board is a gold mine of well-researched, top-notch content designed to turbocharge your online presence. The Blueprint Trello board puts a strong emphasis on branding, driving shoppers to your event and building your Rhea Lana’s community with copy crafted to help you grow your email subscribers, Consignor Group, and/or Text Club members.

I understand the algorithm can be tricky, which is why the Blueprint contains lists of engaging questions, story ideas, reel ideas, hooks for reels, and bonafide testimonials from Rhea Lana shoppers & consignors!

You will be in the drivers seat with this marketing plan, customizing the copy to reflect your franchise, timeline and event goals.

It includes strategy calendars for 12, 10 and 8 weeks out from event week.


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Content Marketing

Shopper & Consignor Testimonial Videos

Testimonials provide potential consignors and shoppers with a genuine understanding of the value of Rhea Lana’s. Seeing real customers passionately share their positive experiences with Rhea Lana’s creates a strong sense of trust and credibility.

Each video is customized with your franchise graphic for ending frame.

2 Consignor Testimonials

4 Shopper Testimonials

1 Mom-to-Be Testimonial

*each one comes in sizes formatted for stories & feeds.


Creative, enticing and informative content to drive shoppers during sale week. Posts are pre-written and served in a Trello Board to give you the convenience of copy/paste for your live videos and photo albums. In addition to an outlined boosting budget.

Customized $99

Template $29

Sale Week Trello Board

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Strategy Calendar

This Master Strategy Topic Calendar take the guess work out of what to post, when to post it, and where to post. ​This is THE PLAN you can use season after season. The calendar is curated to fire up your algorithm and keep your organic reach at optimal levels throughout your event. Topics are rotated (same content) through the platforms to maximize reach and lend you a "smarter not harder" content plan.

Calendar topics for:


Facebook Consignor Group

Instagram Stories

Reels Emails


Calendar provides topics only, no content is included.


Story Stickers

Custom, branded stickers to use on Instagram

Package 1

  • 60 RL branded stickers in a Dropbox file


Package 2

  • 60 RL branded stickers + 10 franchise branded stickers in a Dropbox file


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