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Hi, I'm Amanda.

I've been the owner of Rhea Lana's of Wichita for 15 years. When I started the event in Wichita my friends and family had no idea what a consignment event was, neither did the community! I spent years educating the community and building the brand from the ground up. So, wherever you are in your Rhea Lana journey, I get it!

As a Rhea Lana franchise owner myself, I understand first-hand the unique challenges you face! Whether it's social media ads designed to capture your target audience's attention, effective email and text campaigns that nurture customer relationships, or compelling content that tells your brand story, I’m here to help.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to elevate your brand, reach more customers, and grow your business!

Birdsong Marketing started when an owner asked if she could pay me to handle her social media ads. Back then it sounded crazy to me that a sister owner would outsource a portion of their marketing, but over years my expertise in marketing and passion for Rhea Lana's has proven to be a winning combination!

I've truly enjoy helping my Rhea Lana sisters navigate their marketing needs and have serviced over 70 owners.

Social Media

Social Media Ads and Supercharged Content that have been put to the test and emerged successful.

· Shopper & Consignor Testimonial Videos

· Digital Marketing Blueprint

*new version now available

· Social Media Audiences & Ads

· Sale Week Trello Board Content

· Sale Week Trello Board Template

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Email & Text

Tailored Email and

Text Campaigns

Our campaigns are designed to grab your reader's attention and keep them engaged with your brand.

· Email Templates

· Text Campaign - Custom

· Text Campaign - Template

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Customized Consignor Guides

Our consignor guides are designed to entice new consignors while also streamlining information for seasoned pros.

· Event Specific Consignor Guide

· Generic Consignor Guide

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Read what my clients have to say

I had a record breaking event and I really think the Digital Marketing Blueprint helped! My sell-thru percentage increased by 7%, which was huge for me! I also had an increase in transactions, total sales and all of my paid pre-sale tickets sold out!

I loved how the blueprint reminded me to ''sprinkle'' the info around social media, email, etc. and not to do it all at once. Your schedule made it easy so easy to remember!

Lauren Aloia

As an RL owner, I have hired Birdsong Consulting for all of my social media ads for several years. Amanda does an excellent job insuring that my ads, audiences and dollars spent on social media are intentional and help maximize my business.

Owning an RL business requires me to manage numerous aspects of the business. Entrusting Amanda with my social media allows me to focus on other important parts of the sale.

Social media and marketing are always evolving, and both are vital parts of growing my sale. Amanda's marketing degree and social media expertise provide a level of excellence that I cannot provide for myself/my business.

Hiring Birdsong Consulting every season is an "automatic" part of my budget every season, and is worth every penny I spend securing the services. I highly recommend utilizing Amanda and her social media services.

Kristie Smith

I wanted to give you a huge thank you for the Digital Marketing Blueprint . I desperately needed something cohesive to bring it all together and where I could sprinkle in my own style and creativity, without creating it all!!. Plus the merch photos are HUGE!!

Josie Myer